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Pet Yarn Products in Australia

See below for a list of our products and offerings for you to choose as a way, to grow closer to your fur-covered friend.

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Discover the products that can be made from the yarn at Spinning Pets Yarn.

What Can Be Made?

Anything that can be made with woollen yarn can also be made with your pet yarn. Hats, scarves, blankets, jackets sweaters, picture frames, drawstring bags, gauntlets … we can even fashion a bracelet!

We make small quantities of fur into roses at Spinning Pet Yarn

What About Small Quantities?

Small quantities can be made into small projects. The resulting yarn always dictates the project (you need more yarn for a blanket than you do for a scarf, for example).

We work in consultation with you for products made by Spinning Pet Yarn


We work in consultation with you, so that the item designed and made will be mindful of your purpose.

Every product at Spinning Pet Yarn is made with love.

Made With Love

All Handmade things are done with love, care and attention. All handmade things take time to complete.

At Spinning Pet Yarn, each order is done on a case by case basis.

Case By Case Basis

Each order is done on a case by case basis, therefore time and cost are very subjective. For making the yarn, the minimum cost for any order is $240. Please call for a more detailed quote.

Costing is subjective, learn more at Spinning Pet Yarn

What is the Costing?

Cost is determined by quality and quantity of fibre supplied, increasing significantly if much preparation is needed prior to spinning.  Please call for an assessment.

Learn about our payments at Spinning Pets Yarn.

Breaking it Down

Minimum Cost will be $240.
Carding is $55 per hour.
Spinning is $75 per bobbin.
Yarn is $22 per 100gm.
Knitting and crochet is $35 per hour.
Presentation involves plying, skeining, washing, drying, balling and packaging.

Learn about Spinning Pets Yarn postage and payment process.

Postage & Payment

We ask a deposit of $120 to start your project, balance to be paid on completion.
We can work in stages and to a budget, if necessary.
Postal charges may apply.

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