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Satisfied Clients in Australia

At Spinning Pets Yarn in Australia, we do everything we can to ensure you have a treasured memento from your beloved pet, even if they’re no longer with you. We take care and compassion in weaving every garment and accessory. Hear from our past customers on the service we provide.

Latest Testimonials

Jack Russell Trio

3 Russells
Thank you for turning the clouds of shed-hair from my chappies into a magnificent keepsake for the future. Whilst I am not much of a knitter, and confess I have not yet made anything yet with my lovely ball of wool, I wanted a keepsake that was not just something to look at but something that was more tangible – that I could touch and feel. Very happy customer. (Deb)

Ollie's Scarf

Saving Ollie’s fur and having it spun and knitted made it easy to have the dog travel with us internationally! Currently, the “Ollie” scarf is in Canada. (Jason)

Hat and matching Scarf

Everytime Kylie blew her undercoat I thought WOW, I should do something with that fur. Marion was able to spin it and my Mum made a gorgeous hat and scarf from the spun fur. I loved matching with Kylie. She has now passed and I feel that I have something special of her, that I can hold. (Monica)


Calca is my very first German shepherd. I love her and want to make our relationship more memorable. I saw Marion on “Today’s Tonight ” (Channel 7) a few years ago, which inspired me to save my doggie fur so she could spin the yarn to make this beautiful photo frame for me, using Calca’s fur. Thank you Marion. Love it so much (Rika)

Prizewinning "Mutt"

Truffles and Toby
Truffles (black) and Toby (blonde) provided the Fibre for this Beanie, entered in the Alice Springs Beanie Festival in June 2018. Winning both the ‘Stitched-up’ award AND the prestigious ‘People’s Choice’ award, the Beanie was titled ‘Mutt’ , as in Mutt-on-Head or Mutt-on dressed as Lamb (haha). I found that preparing the fibre by hand was a huge amount of work for me, so having Marion spin meant that I could get on with making the actual beanie. both dogs have since gone to doggy heaven. (Tim)

Providing Comfort to Pet Owners

Ayla's fur blanket

Three years of collected fibre was spun and then knitted into this lovely WARM blanket. Ayla still provides source material, so this time we will go for something, perhaps a bit smaller! (Peter)

Sampson Eternity Scarf

Our boy Sampson always loved to share his fluffy hair with us, cuddling up especially in winter. It is sooo special to have this beautiful scarf made to keep me warm forever. (Yvonne)

Jessie Yarn

Thank you for assisting us to create a unique memento of our beloved girl. (Matt)

Sweater in the Making

The yarn produced is so beautiful and soft. I can’t wait to wear my sweater next winter. (Kim)

Matching Headwear

The beanie has been a huge hit with everyone who sees and hears about it. Thank you again for making this happen for us. It is a wonderful gift from Samson. (Richard)

Latest Testimonials 2024

The Hat from his fur

What a fabulous way to keep my dog on my mind. (Aleena)

Mia's Bauble

My gorgeous pup, gone way too soon. There was enough fibre to blend and have a keepsake for each one in our family. (Andrew)

Champion dogs produce Champion yarn

Wearing my beenie knit from their fur, makes me proud…and warm! Bushsong Tibetan Mastiffs. (Greg)


Chosen by Trevor Trevor met us while we were travelling.He came right up to us, sat himself in the truck, and stayed. We choose to remember him, with pride, in this special way. (Linda and Glen)

Shadow in plain sight

Of all the Dingoes we have cared for, Shadow has a very special place in our hearts, and now “hangs out” with us everywhere! (Julie)
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