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Learn About the Spinning Process in Australia

Finding a suitable way to commemorate the special bond that occurs between a family and its beloved pet is not an easy task. By creating soft and luxurious handspun yarn from your pet’s own fur, Spinning Pets Yarn in Melbourne offers you a unique way to pay tribute to your much-loved furry friend. For more details, browse the information below. If you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact Marion today.

Ensuring Your Fibre is Suitable

To be spinnable, any fibre must be at least as long as your thumb, from tip to knuckle, around 50mm. Any shorter will require Carding, which is a laborious process vital to de-tangling the fibres in preparation for spinning a superior product. Blending may also be necessary.

Fibre 50mm or longer is ideal for direct spinning. It should be tangle free. Be mindful of skin level tangles and matting.

Fibre should NOT BE WASHED, because that starts a felting process, which cannot be reversed. It is best to have the fibre straight from the animal, just as it hits the floor.

What is a “Strong” Fibre?

When sheep are away growing their fibre, there could be a circumstance that makes the sheep turn to surviving rather that fibre production. Events such as drought, little water, little food, lambing, etc show up as a weakness in the fibre.

Sometimes visible, the break can also be heard when you pull on the fibre. Pet fibre may have the same kind of weakness if the pet has been ill for some time. The fibre will not be spinnable.

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What is Spinning?

Spinning is a creative journey. The fibre of choice is separated carefully into tiny bunches and overlapped and twisted to form a long line.
The Wheel then takes this line into itself, in a spiral action, and stores it on the bobbin until enough is made to ply it with the matching additional bobbin. See the picture above.

Yarn Length

The longer, the better. Longer fibres incorporate well into the line of the yarn, tending to be spun thinly. Shorter fibres clump and stick out to become prickly. All yarn is then plied to give extra strength.

Will My Fibre Be Blended?

If your fibre is too short to be spun by itself, then yes, it will be blended. If your fibre is too smooth and will not stick by itself, then yes, it will be blended.

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